Q: How do you deliver my pictures to me? 

All session fees above include pictures sent to the client digitally from the photographer. All digital links will be available online for all clients. Clients can also order and shop prints and products via this digital link.

If a client wishes to access their photos after a period of two weeks mark or even months/years after, the cost to access their gallery of photos or to receive a new digital link/CD is $30 PER SESSION. Clients are HIGHLY recommended to back up and/or save your photos on a hard drive after receiving them. This will save you from having to purchase access to your digital photos if you loose them, etc. Megan Shaw Photography is not responsible for lost session photos after the client receives them. They must purchase a new link to re-access their session photos.

Q: What can I expect during my session? 

Once you confirm you want to book a session, we will discuss and nail down a date and location. Location options can range from a rustic look, such as a field with trees, ponds, etc., or an urban feel, like Downtown Jackson with buildings. Once you decide the look you want, i’ll be glad to work with you to decide a final location.

As for the session, I always encourage my clients to bring props to enhance the photos and I will bring one or two as well. Props can be signs, a kid’s favorite toy, a wooden box, an awesome piece of furniture, balloons, etc. Props are great to use because they can enhance the photos and make the session more creative. If you aren’t sure what props you want to use, i’ll be glad to consult with you and help! I always encourage my clients to get ideas through Pinterest or online. Feel free to follow and search through my Pinterest boards to get great ideas on props and poses! As for what to wear, see the next question below.

Q: What if it the weather is bad for my session? 

I do not shoot when the weather is bad. For example, rain, extremely overcast, windy, etc. If the weather could cause problems during the session, I will reschedule your session ahead of time and give you as much notice as possible. Also, if I get sick and/or have an emergency due to some reason, I will contact the client to reschedule as well.

Q: What should I wear for my session?

Trying to figure out what you are going to wear for a photo session can be stressful, but don’t worry because I am here to help! It used to be that everyone matched, but that doesn’t work today in pictures and plus it doesn’t show a whole lot of personality.  I encourage you to be creative and different in your clothing choice, but also wear something that you are comfortable in. You want your photos to be unique, so pops of color are always encouraged! For more details and help on what to wear for any type of session, check out my “What to Wear” page or my Pinterest “what to wear” gallery for visual ideas. Need more help? Let me know and we can brainstorm!

Q: How do I pay you and when? Do you charge a sitting fee? 

No, I do not charge a separate sitting fee right now. I accept cash, or credit card and payment is due upon arrival at your session. If you pay debit or credit card, the client will be charged an additional processing fee of 2.5% to their session total. If you prefer to pay ahead of time, please message me and we will work that out. Clients that are 20 minutes late to their scheduled session will result in the photographer leaving the session and the session may/may not be rescheduled.

Q: Do you offer printing or where should I have my pictures printed? 

YES! I do offer printing and would LOVE to help you print your pictures. For more information and details on prints and my print prices, please click here.

Q: I have a photo shoot in mind and i’m not sure where it would fall under. Do you create custom packages or pricing? 

Yes, I do and I would love to talk to you more about that. If you do not see a package that you would like to use, please e-mail me at megshawphoto@gmail.com so we can talk about creating a custom package. Please note that pricing will vary depending on requests.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use? 

I’m a Canon lover and that will never change. I also use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit!

Q: How do I contact you? 

I prefer e-mail or Facebook message if possible. Once you e-mail or message me, I will reach out to you as soon as I can!

Want to hire me as your photographer?

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